16 Examples of Large Typography in Web Design – Qode Interactive

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Diego Funken’s urban-looking website is all about big typography. The second the homepage loads, you’re greeted with gigantic letters in all caps telling you the author’s story. He works as a motion designer and visual artist in New York City. As soon as you move your mouse across the page and over some words, his projects start to pop up, in video and photo formats both. The entire homepage looks very minimal, with a white background and black typography. There’s not much else going on, which allows Diego’s projects to stand out. The about page is also peppered with enormous white letters, while the background is dark. But when you hover over the part where it says @diegofunken, an image appears in the background and takes up the entire screen, while the letters change their color. The author has created a simple website but thanks to his clever use of typefaces and animation, he’s been able to highlight his work and show off his creative genius.