This Week In Web Design – July 3, 2020 – 1stWebDesigner

It’s the first Friday of July, and in the USA it’s a holiday weekend as we celebrate Independence Day. Fridays around here mean it’s time for another edition of “This Week In Web Design”, our weekly roundup of links to all of the web design and development articles we’ve found that were published in the […]

14 Best Web Design Tool For Designers While Remote Working | LambdaTest

With so many web design tools in the market, it can be hard to make the right choice. It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by so many choices, while you try to find the best web design tools for your needs. A good web design tool can help you get the best out of your […]

Top 10 Financial Advisors in Richmond Va for Small Businesses | Affordable Web Design | Emerge

Let’s set the scene: You’re here. You’re a small business owner. Maybe you’ve struggled through Virginia’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Maybe you’re reading this in the future when COVID-19 is a chapter in a history book. (Are flying cars a thing, yet?) But, with the rocky start to 2020, you may be wondering how a financial […]

16 Examples of Large Typography in Web Design – Qode Interactive

Diego Funken’s urban-looking website is all about big typography. The second the homepage loads, you’re greeted with gigantic letters in all caps telling you the author’s story. He works as a motion designer and visual artist in New York City. As soon as you move your mouse across the page and over some words, his […]

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Skip to content Web DesignWeb Design By LocationAbove is a list of our local service areas which we often have area specific special offers or news. SEOSEO by IndustrySEOSEO by Industry Get Found By Your Ideal Customers – Ask us about SEO for your business today While there is an in-depth, useful and insightful piece […]

The Importance of Educating Your Web Design Clients – 1stWebDesigner

Web designers wear a lot of different hats, depending on the project. Sometimes we’re project managers, trying to coordinate an effort get assets from various sources. On other occasions, we play the role of a marketer, tech support representative or even psychiatrist. But, beyond design and development, the hat we wear most often is that […]

5 Essential Elements of Brand Storytelling You Need To Know – Web Design Ledger

Storytelling is essential when it comes to branding. Without a story, your brand won’t stand out and you’ll look like everyone else. When you have a story, people are more likely to remember who you are and what you have to offer. Storytelling in branding can have an emotional impact on your clients, and while […]

20 Extraordinary Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

The overwhelming innovations in the technological ecosystem are spreading rampancy of creativity. The wave of advancement is taking over industries, and practically pressurizing marketers to practice progressive techniques. Targeted branding has become the Goldilocks to unshackled prosperity, marketers spare no effort to explore such technical standpoints that can shape a user’s experience. User interface design […]

12 Screen Reader Facts for Accessible Web Design

Designing for accessibility, and specifically for screen readers, is a skill every UX designer needs. The importance of accessibility cannot be over-stressed. In this article, we will review the essential points you need to know about designing for screen readers. By understanding the basics, you will be better equipped to create the most accessible websites. […]

Hottest Web Design Trends in 2020

Your business’s online presence has never been more critical. With more and more online sales being carried out and many areas of the world still under some lockdown restrictions, whether you are building a website for the first time or redesigning your old, underperforming one, it is vitally important that you know the hottest web […]